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Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Cartridge Mechanical Seals are simply a combination of the parts required to seal a pump, all in one unit. Rather than installing a pump sleeve to protect the shaft, a rotary seal face, a stationary face, and a gland to hold it all togeather, a single cartridge can be installed as a single unit. With the addition of a lock collar to hold all the pieces togeather, a cartridge seal not only makes the purchasing of all the necessary elements easy, it also makes installation as simple as possible. Removing the concern for set lengths and rotary seal positioning, cartridge mechanical seals reduce the most common cause of failure in mechanical seals, Installation.

The Seal Industry reports 50% of seal failures are due to poor mechanical seal installation. With statistics like that most businesses cannot afford to not use cartridge mechanical seals.

Multi Spring Cartridge Seal
Single Spring Cartridge Seal
Metal Bellows Cartridge Seal
The multiple springs used in a multi-spring cartridge seal, keep the seal faces shut, and have no problem with the direction the pump is turning. Unlike single spring cartridges seals, which can be unwound if the pump is turning in the wrong direction

Our single cartridges come with hard faces standard to provide exceedingly long life.

In general service applications, this type of seal can last 20 years.
Single spring cartridge seals are ideal in heavy slurry applications for the simple reason that the large spring takes a long time to clog.

Most multi spring seal designs do try to isolate the springs by the positioning of o-rings to block leakage. In stactic applications this is fine, but there always is at least one dynamically sealing o-ring, which our seal repair staff will confirm always eventually allow the multiple spring designs to clog.
The key to gaining long seal life always lies in selecting the right mechanical seal design for your service, and the right materials of construction for process compatibility. Cartridge mechanical seals simplify installation and provide long lasting service. In the long run, cartridge seals will save you money.
Metal Bellows cartridge seals have carved out several strong markets. Because metal bellows seals can utilize Flexible Graphite as a secondary seal, they can handle temperatures over 500 F.

When the secondary seals are o-rings, they are sealing only in a static condition, so these cartridge seals do well in slurry service and can rotate in both directions.